From its beginnings, the spirit of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile has been to adapt to the needs of the country, looking for ways to transfer knowledge and technology, generated in this university, to society, helping to improve the quality of life of people and country.

In this context, during the 1930s, the Catholic University placed its teaching laboratories to the service of the productive sectors for materials testing. This view aligns with the creation of CORFO (the national development corporation) in 1939, demonstrating the harmony between the Catholic University and the knowledge demand that Chile’s technological progress has required, seeking closer links between knowledge and the needs of society.

As part of this policy which aims at creating closer ties with society, in 1938, the Materials Research Institute was established in the UC School of Engineering. Its objectives were to certify high-quality products, training, in-service training, and R&D projects in the various fields of engineering.

In 1947 the Department of Scientific and Technological Research of the Catholic University of Chile, DICTUC was created, in search of more diversified and specialized service offer. The growing development of more professional and industry-oriented work in 1994 prompted the creation of DICTUC S.A, as an affiliate of the Catholic University.

The creation of this branch enabled a smoother operation under the concept of a private institution, expanding the range of services to previously uncovered sectors. Since then, DICTUC manages and leverages the expertise of UC School of Engineering through four business lines: consulting, certification and laboratory services, entrepreneurship and innovation. Through these lines, it supports industries of an economy in transition, moving towards the sophistication of activities, which requires the application of increasingly specialized knowledge.

The new country and companies scenario have driven DICTUC to incorporate innovation management and entrepreneurial support, through the systematization of such services, support and participation in R+D+i projects.

Thus, today DICTUC is an affiliate of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, transferring expert knowledge and technology, generated in the UC School of Engineering, and making it available for the community, to find solutions to the country’s needs.

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