The DICTUC model has the advantage of accelerate knowledge and technology transfer even more through the creation of spin-off companies born from the units or projects led by the professors of the UC School of Engineering, of which DICTUC has the 29.36% average ownership.

Currently, the companies derived from DICTUC are: RiskAmerica SpA (2015), GEPRO SpA (2014), Pricing SpA (2014), Shift SpA (2014), Videla y Asociados S.A. (2011), Tekemi S.A.(2010), Sirve S.A.(2003) .

DICTUC has also sold some of its spin-off’s share: in 1999, Solex SA; in 2012, Desert King S.A. and Natural Response S.A.; in 2013,Napsis S.A. and in 2015, Sistemas de Productividad y Gestión S.A. and Eduinnova S.A..

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