Our people
For DICTUC our human capital is essential for the development of the projects and services for the community. That's why constant job for permanent support and promote the personnel perfection exist, maintaining high excellence level as much in professional, as de human height, with the values of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

Also, the multidisciplinary capacity of the DICTUC professionals is one of the principal advantages of the organization, wich allows been capable for delivering integral solutions to any challenge.

DICTUC have a team of more than 400 people. 42% of them are professionals, 38% are technitians and 20% are administrative staff.

DICTUC also have the professional support of a group of 100 permanent consultant, formed by the professor of the UC School of Engineering. 90% of them have PhD. degree and all of them have master degree, of the principals american and european universities.

The professors of the UC School of Engineering makes investigation and leader projects, giving experience and knowledge for giving the academic excellence to DICTUC and high level of technology transfer.

Work with us

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